Dog in a Boot by Maria-Teresa Gavazzi at the ACBF London 2015
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Thank you to all the people and all the dogs and of course all the artists that turned up to the 12th Annual Art Car Boot Fair. We loved it all so much, the fabulous booty, the amazing cabaret from most cool Richard Strange, new and we hope now a regular 'Dylan's Mobile Bookshop Bus, the wonderful Sir Peter Blake and the sweet moment he made an art swap with 7 year old Camille Phoenix our youngest artist, and Dark Materials wonderful wrestler, Gavin Turks' witty and brilliant 'Black Gold', currently dripping slowly down 101 walls, the 90 or so people and dogs that posed in Maria Teresa Gavazzi's vintage Vauxhall Viva boot, the coolly ethereal images from 'Vanera Obscura' - a pinhole camera in an ex- NATO van from Moving Imgaes CIC, the beautiful woodcut from Tracey Emin, burning foxskull print from Matt Collishaw, the surreal crows-head taxidermy from the peerless Polly Morgan, faux taxidermy from the delightful Bumble and Earwig, a saucy corner courtesy of Soho Art Soc, the sublime POV series from Ian Dawson, the art -on-bonnets, the exciting auction to raise funds for Just for Kids Law and Hepatitis C Trust - both run so stylishly by incredible women Shauneen Lambe and Gemme Peppe respectively, the Ben Eine print scrum, the live finishing from Pure Evil, fab hotdogs, cool hounds, fabulous booty,  ...and so much more....and we are going to take as much as we can to Margate on August 30th!



'The artworld’s most exuberant event’, Sunday Times 2013
'Incredible!’, Claudia Winkelman, BBC Radio 2 Arts Show, June  2015